Advertisement Law

Provide legal advice on legal issues and disputes arising from rules and regulations on advertisement, exaggerated advertisement, mail-order business, advertisement on the internet, the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, etc.

  1. Consultations on law regulations relating to advertisement
  2. Consultations on advertisement contracts


Provide legal advice on legal issues and disputes arising from insurance and insurance contracts, etc.

  1. Consultation on troubles of claims relating to demand for insurance
  2. Consultation and advice on insurance contracts
  3. Consultation and advice on reinsurance contracts

International Tax Affairs

Provide legal advice on legal issues and disputes relating to international tax affairs such as international transactions, transactions in foreign countries, overseas subsidiaries, tax haven taxation, tax conventions, etc.

  1. Consultations on tax affairs in case Japanese companies hold overseas subsidiaries, or shares or other equity interests of foreign companies.
  2. Consultations on tax relating to international transactions

Defamation (Internet)

Provide legal advice on issues and disputes arising from the Internet, such as liable

You may be able to request to delete harmful rumors posted Online upon identifying the person and also, to demand for damage if such person is identified.

There is a time limit to identify IP addresses, therefore if you would like to peruse the case, please contact us as soon as possible.