Legal Matters of Corporations

Corporate Law

The right lawyers can help you with complicated property holdings, with estates with many assets. The right lawyers can assure that property transfer is achieved in a way that makes the survivors tax load as little as possible. Your estate may require the use of additional documents in addition to a will.

  1. Establishment of Corporations
    Articles of Incorporation
    Other documents for company formation
    Registration of Corporations
  2. Capital Policy (share splitting, own shares, share exchange and increase/decrease of shares)
    Issuance of New Shares
    Retirement of Shares
    Pay Back
    Mutual Shareholding
    Consultations and advices on operation of general meeting of shareholders
  3. Directors
    Legal issues re: Appointment/Dismissal of Directors
    Self-Dealing of Directors
    Responsibilities of Directors
  4. Parent Companies
  5. Responsibilities of Auditors
  6. Merger and Company Separation
  7. Establishment of Japan branch of Foreign Companies
  8. Establishment of Foreign Companies

Corporate Law

The Corporate Law stipulated since March 2006 is the law adjusted to the modern language and in which, a variety of existing corporate law systems is amended.

The Corporate Law stipulates four kings of corporations, such as company limited, general partnership company, limited partnership company and limited liability company. The latter three companies are called a “membership company”. Due to repeal of the Limited Company Act, existing companies with limited liability were integrated with companies limited, however, already existing companies with limited liability have been still existing as special companies with limited liability even after the stipulation of the present Corporate Law.

In the Corporate Law, general rules, establishment of corporations, shares, issuance of shares of subscription, equity warrant, general meetings of shareholders, organizations of corporations, corporate bonds, change of structures, mergers, corporate separations, exchange of shares and transfer of shares etc. are prescribed in detail.

Establishment of Companies in Foreign countries

You may establish business companies in U.S.A., Hong Kong, China, Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, the Channel Islands, Luxemburg, Singapore, Panama, Liberia and other countries.

Employment Relationship

Advices on legal issues and disputes relating to employment relationship such as, employment, redeployment, compensation package, dismissal, working conditions, labor disputes, temporary employment/working and contract work, etc.

  1. Consultations and advices on troubles relating to dismissal
  2. Consultations and advices on contents and conditions of labor contracts
  3. Consultations and advices on troubles relating to contract agreement

Anti-Monopoly Act and Unfair Competition Prevention Act

Advices on legal issues and disputes relating to the Anti-Monopoly Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations.

  1. Consultations and advices on acts incurring oligopoly, such as prices agreements
  2. Consultations and advices on other liabilities imposed on companies under the Anti-Monopoly Act
  3. Consultations and advices on using preferred position at business and unfair acts, etc.
  4. Consultations on illegal competitions

Anti-Monopoly Act and Unfair Competition Prevention Act

We will provide advices on various problems and disputes on;-

Domestic/ international acquisition



Corporate separation

Business transfer and transferee

Share exchange

Business sellout